Our Journey - Back To Basics

Our Mission

To supply the community with the best Natural & Organic foods on the planet.

Our beliefs

We believe that every family should have the choice to access Healthy, Natural & Organic products. So that is why our goal is to provide our ranges to everyone, below retail, each & every day!

Our Journey, Back To Basics

How did we get “back to basics”?

Struggling with poor health, we turned to numerous health care professionals for help & advice. When that failed to bring results, we turned our focus to the food we were eating. Studying hard with endless hours of research we started to realise just how important good, healthy organic food was, concluding, food equals fuel. Putting the wrong fuel into our bodies overtime, we believed lead to the downward spiral of health, the result, a very limited & poor quality of life!

We were determined to not give up and after nearly a year of continual declining health, many diagnosis’s & research, we found help was right there, it’s found in mother nature herself. Supported by an experienced Naturopath, the journey of “Back To Basics” had finally begun.

Making the choice to eat ONLY organic & natural foods, free of artificial preservatives, chemicals, additives & pesticides along with slowly changing our overall environment, those triumphant results we had searched for, started to shine through! Throw in some much needed weight loss & improved health - a vibrant life was well on its way.

We believe the journey is a lifelong one and enjoy being rewarded by the choices before us, we decided it was time to give back, with the belief that every family should have the choice to access healthy, natural & organic products so the goal began to provide ranges of organic & natural products to communities for below retail.

In addition to below retail pricing each & every day, we saw a need for delivery services particularly in the local area. Along with regular additional discounts, competitions & food tasting opportunities that we provide for the local community, we have received exceptional support, feedback and results!

Since trading we have realised the demand, especially locally, to buy products online. So to meet our customers’ needs we have been busy getting ready to launch our online store. Meeting many new people through our Back to Basics journey, we have been surprised at just how many people in the community have food intolerances, allergies & other special dietary requirements and are very proud of just how many people we have been able to assist by providing suitable food for them to enjoy!

We love what we do and wish you all great health, happiness & longevity!

Ryan & Michelle