Hemp Oil Australia and its Benefits

Hempseed Oil or also most commonly known as Hemp Oil is created when pressing hemp seeds. The manufacturing process normally includes cleaning the seed to 99.99% before the oil is pressed. Hemp oil Australia is cold-pressed from the hemp seed in a raw and natural process in order to carefully produce the highest quality oil possible. Hempseed oil comes from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa L). Often confused with marijuana as they come from the same plant family, hemp seeds and their subsequent pressed seeds to make Hemp Oil, have a range of uses and benefits.  The psychoactive part of the plant (THC) found in Marijuana is not a concern and hemp oil Australia is legal, safe and healthy to consume here.  The hemp seeds themselves that are industrially processed come in many forms, including toasted, roasted and cracked. In addition to the Hemp oil obtained from seeds, ground meal / hemp protein is also available. The great thing about hemp is that the plant can thrive in nearly any condition and is very hardy to grow, needing few pesticides. Here, we look at a few of the benefits of this misunderstood seeds that are pressed to create Hemp Oil Australia.

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Hemp seed oil is a great source of fibre and essential fatty acids

The addition of hemp seed oil to food adds a great healthy source of fibre for good gut health. Having enough soluble and insoluble fibre in our diets keeps food moving properly through the digestive system and when it is broken down by the bacteria in the gut it produces short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), essential for energy production in the liver and to cholesterol balance. Hemp is actually a perfect protein for vegans or vegetarians, as it contains all of the 20 amino acids (protein building blocks). This includes the nine essential amino acids that the body can't produce and needs to get from a food source. To preserve the delicate nutrient profile of the oil, as it has a relatively low smoke point; we do not recommend frying hemp oil. So what’s some great ways to consume it then; its great in salads, dressings, dips and curries or use as a delicious bread dipping oil.

Hemp seeds and Hemp Oil Australia are allergy friendly

The great thing about hemp seeds & their obtained oil, is that they are gluten, dairy and nut free. They also don't have to be produced using pesticides and they are not genetically modified. All of these things make them a great food source for those with allergies or intolerance.  Many people who have tried hemp seed oil Australia have noted that they are easy to digest compared to other alternatives such as whey that has been known to cause bloating and cramping in some people.

Production of hemp is eco friendly

In Australia, hemp has many areas that are great for growing hemp. The way that the plant grows actually aids the environment, as it uses up much more carbon dioxide than other trees and plants and actually contributes nutrition to the soil it grows in. The amount of water it takes to grow hemp is also a lot lower than other plants, meaning it is a great thing for growing in the harsh Australian desert-like climates. Essentially, growing hemp is one of the most eco-friendly, as all parts of it can be used in a number of ways and doesn't require toxic and harmful chemicals to thrive.

It has a myriad of uses

The hemp plant is very versatile and has been used to make building materials, biodegradable plastics, textiles, body care and cleaning products and a range of nutritious health foods, such as muesli bars and bliss balls. All of this means it is efficient and cost-effective to produce and farm.
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