Charcoal Me Coconut Charcoal Powder Steam Activated 60g


Activated Charcoal Powder

Charcoal me uses the best coconut fibre and then steam activates it to create the best pharmaceutical grade activated coconut charcoal.

In order for Charcoal to be most effective, it goes through an activation process known as "steam activation". This process increases the many small low-volume pores in each grain of carbon, vastly increasing the surface area available for the adsorption of toxins and chemicals.

Activated charcoal powder is one of the most versatile healing remedies known and has a long record of success, used in a wide scope of fields, from simple home use to hospitals.

Whats activated coconut charcoal good for:

  • Whitens teeth

  • Helps eliminate toxins

  • Clears Your skin

  • Reduces Bloating

  • Helps with gas

  • Helps you get over a hangover

  • Helps you feel amazing


Steam Activated Coconut Fibre