Herbal Fresh Hands Sanitiser with Olive Leaf Extract


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Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser with Olive Leaf Extract

Hopefully restrictions across Australia will start to be reduced and ease over the coming weeks. Get ready and be prepared to help protect yourself and or your employees and customers with our range of hand sanitisers for on the go. Each containing 70% or more ethanol/alcohol as recommended to help fight 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

All responsible manufacturers and retailers recommend you use sanitisers sparingly and a hand wash as a first preference where water is available for rinsing.

However in many instances that is not always practical/available so a good quality hand sanitiser is essential. Our ranges all contain other properties to help protect your hands and skin.

We are able to supply to businesses, workplaces & offices with our cost saving Back to work value packs. Drop down the item menu to see the multiple pack options for small, medium and large work spaces!

AVAILABLE NOW - Pick up or delivery same day/next day

For customers local and Metro Melbourne shipping will be within 1 day!!


Alcohol, purified water, gelling agent, Olive leaf extract.