Synergy Organic Barley Grass Powder 200g


Barley grass powder is made from the dried young leaves of the barley plant and is possibly Nature's most complete food. As a natural multi-vitamin, Barley Grass provides all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, fibre and special nutrients like chlorophyll essential in our diet to meet our nutritional requirements. All these nutrients are integrated by Nature into a natural balance and potency un-matched by synthetic formulations.

Synergy Barley Grass is 100% pure, whole leaf Barley Grass powder (Hordeum vulgare). It is grown outdoors in an environmentally clean area of Australia in deep, rich soils. Synergy Barley Grass contains no additives, fillers, colours or preservatives, and is handled sensitively every step of the way during growing, harvesting and processing of the plant in order to protect its nutrient profile.

Weight for weight, Synergy Barley Grass leaf powder contains:

  • 500% more Vitamin C than oranges.

  • 200% the Calcium of milk.

  • 500% more iron than spinach.

  • 200% the fibre of bran.

  • the major 18 vitamins, 20 minerals and 8 basic proteins required for proper body function.

  • a generous supply of Beta-carotene, important in the function of Vit. A.

  • a rich supply of Chlorophyll, a natural cleanser.

  • Iron, Calcium and Potassium and the trace elements Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium.

  • Antioxidants including SOD (super oxide dismutase).

  • a highly alkalising food which counters the over-acidity of many processed foods.

Unlike barley grain, Synergy Barley Grass contains NO GLUTEN, ADDITIVES, FILLERS or BINDERS.